Back to business (by Sir Potatoes)

Hello everybody and welcome back to the blogging reigns!

I wanted to tell you the upcoming birthdays we’re having around these here parts!

Can I talk now Potatoes? Please?

No, but the first B-day is…

This little guy!

Wait a sec Potatoes it was my birthday last month in April not May.

That’s right Bubbers thanks!

If it’s May not April that would mean it is…

My Birthday! Hooray! I’m having my special day soon!

The next birthday is Boots’ birthday!

Is it really my birthday? Hooray for me!

And the next birthday is… (This is getting complected)

Sir Budgie’s birthday! ( Actually we don’t know his birthday but we call when we got him his birthday )

Well that’s it for today. Bye!

Hello Again!

Howdy. -_-
What the?!?!?!
Man, I just can’t stop looking at that!
Please forgive my brother for his non-talkativeness
So that’s what he was looking at:

Drum roll please!!!!!!!




Herlo, me Earl the hornless goat.
I don’t tink I know a monkey.
Hello, I’m Princess Muffin! I like to dance.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
Wait a ding, dang, minute!
Good bye!

Our trip to the fair! By Sir Boots

Well dats someting I could have lived my entire life without seeing!
Oh! Hi! Whats up? Sir Boots here and I wanted to tell you about our trip to the fair!
This here is Bubbers King!
And this here is the flower he found!
This here is some random goat.
These here are some random piglets.
AND THESE are Bubber’s footsies!
That pretty much raps it up! By! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ